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El cairo
The land is located in the heart of Cairo, on one of the best sites in the Egyptian Capital, on the bank of the river Nile.
Surface area: 2.957sqm


Land located in Hurghada, with its own private beach on the Red Sea and with great road connections to the international airport and historic Egyptian cities such as Cairo, Suez or Luxor.
Surface area: 30.000sqm


The land is located in the heart of Cairo, in one of the capital’s most prestigious residential areas and the preferred location for 30 of the foreign embassies in Egypt.
Surface area: 3.981sqm



In Ponta Negra, the most touristic luxury area of Natal, the habitual residence for the foreign population.
Surface area: 6.725sqm

Land located in the centre of the city of Natal, at the junction of the Avenues Alexandrino de Alencar and Prudente de Morais (in the Lagoa Seca neighbourhood). Very well connected and easily accessible.
Surface area: 11.277sqm


Located in NATAL, on the corner with Rua Brigadeiro Gomes Ribero and rua Saudade in the NOVA DESCUBERTA neighbourhood
Surface area: 4.266sqm

Land located on the sea front. In Tabuba, 40 km northwest of Fortaleza in the municipality of Caucaia and just 20 minutes from the international airport Pinto Martins.
Surface area: 7.700sqm



Old Ribaritza I
Land located in the village of Ribaritza, at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain.
Surface area: 57.250sqm


Old Ribaritza II
Land located in a paradisiacal natural surrounding close to the Balkans and at the entrance of the beautiful village of Ribaritza.
Surface area: 35.218sqm


In the town of Varna, 3rd most important city in Bulgaria (360.000 inhabitants), on the bank of the Black Sea.
Surface area: 22.580sqm


Ciudad de Panamá
Land located on the Vía Israel, one of the best residential areas of Panama City, with direct access to the South Corridor.
Surface area: 1.554sqm

Dominican Republic


Punta Cana
Situated a 197 km from the capital Santo Domingo and just 8 km from the airport of Punta Cana, Playa Bávaro includes 420.000 sqm of tropical gardens and lush vegetation.
Surface area: 528.516sqm


Santo Domingo
Located in the best residential area of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, in front of the park from Avenida Anacaona, one of the main thoroughfares of the capital.
Surface area: 6.000sqm

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